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While saying sorry and forgiving others can be hard, they are two of the most important social skills a child can learn. 

Geared towards children in preschool to 2nd grade, ages 3-8. It’s never too early to talk about these important social skills:

  • Showing empathy

  • Dealing with bullying

  • Being a true friend

  • Being kind to others who are different

  • Recognizing when you’ve done something wrong

  • Saying sorry

  • Forgiving others when they’ve apologized

When Punk's teasing goes too far, will he be able to do what it takes to get his friends back, or will it be too late?

Find out NOW in this anti-bullying book that may have you rooting for the “under-skunk.”


Staying calm can be difficult, especially for kids, but it’s an important skill to learn. 

Poor little Quilliam has a BIG problem. 

This porcupine has a very BAD TEMPER.

Quilliam’s friends duck whenever he gets red in the face and starts to shake. They know what’s about to happen, and they don’t want to be hit by one of his angry quills. 


But Quilliam doesn’t like putting his friends in danger, and when his temper causes chaos at home, he decides it’s time to change. 

Will he be able to learn the skills he needs to control his temper? Or will his quills continue to cause chaos?

Find out NOW, and laugh along with Quilliam and his friends during the surprise ending. 

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Look for other books in the Punk and Friends collection, including Punk the Skunk Learns to Say Sorry. Parents, counselors, and teachers love that the valuable life lessons in these books are taught in such a fun way, kids don’t even realize they’re learning. There are no lectures here, just funny stories that kids can relate to.

This book is geared toward children from preschool to second grade, ages 3-8. It’s never too early to talk about important social skills. A list of coping strategies, as well as teacher and parent discussion materials on these topics, are included in the back of the book:

  • Coping with anger

  • Being a true friend

  • Practicing your favorite coping skills so they come naturally when needed

  • Recognizing when you need to change

  • Calming down

  • Helping others who are struggling with strong emotions

To receive parent and teacher helps on this topic for free, email me at mistyblackauthor@gmail.com


Buy today! The Punk and Friends books are a great way to laugh and learn together. 

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