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Mother's Day is coming up soon. We want you to have plenty of reading/cuddle time with your kids. These eBooks are perfect for sharing your love and dreams with your favorite little one.

Enjoy them FREE April 29-30!

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Ruby the Rainbow Witch: Meet the Amber Fairies

by Kim Ann


Ruby finds her garden is less than picture-perfect. The gingerbread tree is missing its gumdrops, the peppermint tree has no swirly-whirly mints, and her colorful candy tree is bare. The Amber Fairies usually take such great care of the garden, but no one seems to be home. Where could they be?

I Love You More Than All

by Kealy Connor Lonning


This charming story has lyrical text and stunning illustrations. It follows an adorable girl, as she enjoys the magical wonders of childhood, surrounded by affection from her family. Readers will relate to their special bond. Their tender moments, and fun adventures will inspire love and compassion.

Penelope Rose

by C.M. Healy


Worried parents or teasing friends, Penelope Rose doesn't let anything get her down. She just keeps right on going. And she uses what makes her different to be daring--rising up to be what only she can be--a beautiful, one-of-a-kind flying pig.

You Taught Me Love: Mother/Daughter Companion Coloring Book and Activities

by Misty Black


Join mother, daughter, and a silly little frog on a heartwarming journey describing love through the eyes of a child.  There’s nothing quite like the love a mother and child share. This is a wonderful way to bond and spend quality time together. Learn more about Misty Black!

Dreaming, Dreaming in the Night  by Bethany Stahl ​@bethanystahlart

Start a new bedtime tradition! ​Tuck your little one into bed with "Dreaming, Dreaming in the Night," a beautifully illustrated story, written in rhythm and rhyme that instills creativity and peaceful visualizations into your little one's dreams. I Will Always Love You ​by Dr. Brie Turns @TheFamilyTherapist

Receiving a new family member is an exciting event. Join momma giraffe as she tells a sweet story of unconditional love and all the ways she will be there for her child.  As baby giraffe grows and embarks on many adventures, momma giraffe consistently tells her to “Remember—I will always love you.”Love Lottery ​by Leigha Huggins @lovelotterybook A book filled with love, wonder, wishes, and welcomes throughout.This story will create appreciated moments to be cherished for a lifetime to come. This story is written from a parent’s perspective with an artistic flow of words, illustrations, and fonts throughout.

The Curious Club by Jolyn Farber @MsInternational2018 and @jolyn3 A curious little girl is on the case to solve the mystery of why a new little boy she spies on the beach looks so sad. She has lots and lots of creatively curious questions and the little boy has an answer - when the girl finally takes a breath and he gets a chance to speak.  This book encourages imagination, new friendship, inclusion, and confidence. Did you miss this deal? Get these and thousands of other great books in many different genres with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

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