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Free today and tomorrow! August 25-26

I'm going to be honest with you here . . .

You are amazing and I want to give you some of my books for FREE! And while I love giving things away, in this case, I'm not just doing it for the fun of it. I do it for several reasons:

1- It brings exposure to my book. The more people show interest in my book, the more Amazon wants to show it to potential buyers.

2- I NEED reviews. Reviews aren't just so I can know what you think about my book, although that is nice. They tell Amazon how and why my books are relevant to my target audience. They also tell Amazon that my book is good and important and then they show it more.

3- It generates sales. If you like the eBook, I hope you'll buy the paperback. You are in no way obligated to do so, but it's a nice bonus when you do. There's something about snuggling up with a child and holding a book in your laps, turning the pages from left to right, and seeing the bold, beautiful illustrations up close.

So, I hope you'll download my FREE eBooks today and enjoy them with a child. If you like them, show me your appreciation by leaving an honest review. (I'll make it easy by leaving links below). It helps me out more than you know and allows me to keep offering eBooks for free!

Here are the FREEBIE links.

U.S. link to Sloan the Sloth Loves Being Different

Universal Link (any country)

Link to leave a review

U.S. link to A Paco el Perezoso

Universal Link (any country)

Be among the first to leave a review on my newest release! Today is launch day for cute Paco, and he needs some attention. Please show him some love with an review.

I'd love it if you took a screen shot of your review and sent it to me.

Happy Reading!

Misty Black Author

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