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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Challenging times are affecting our little ones more than we can imagine. We want to help!

There's no doubt about it, life is challenging for everyone right now. There has never been another time in my lifetime where my friends in the US are having the same struggles as my friends in the UK, Australia, Portugal, Ukraine, and India. And yes, I have wonderful friends in all those places. Writing children's books has a way of uniting me with others around the world who share the same interest of helping our children learn and grow.

Enjoy reading with your kids and help them feel empowered at the same time with this set of amazing children's books, free on April 23rd. These stories are a great way to help them gain the skills they need to navigate this difficult and confusing time. I am honored to be among some of Amazon's best-selling authors to offer these books to your children. While not required, reviews are a great way to say thank you.

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Can Quilliam Learn to Control His Temper

By Misty Black

Poor little Quilliam has a BIG problem. Will he be able to learn to control his temper, or will his quills continue to cause chaos? Part of the Punk and Friends Learn Social Skills series. 

For ages 3-7.

What Makes You Beautiful 

By Sherry Selley

Does YOUR child know what makes them beautiful?

Will “Elsie” EVER figure it out ??

Is it her Flower Patterned Twirly Dress?

Or her Pink Strawberry Sparkle Lip Gloss?

READ NOW and learn what makes YOU beautiful, along with Elsie in THIS sweet story...an important lesson of INNER beauty that will stay with you for a lifetime!

My Sister’s Super Skills

By Lauren Mosback, MA, LPC

Share empowering skills with your little ones as they follow along with sister/brother duo and learn “Super Skills” to help manage emotions and build self-confidence. Each strategy is linked with a familiar animal and scenario that is easy to remember and fun to act out!  - Written by a child/adolescent therapist.

I Can Do It

Laurie Wright

Do your children feel able to do hard things? Like be away from school, their friends, and their usual activities for a long time? This book shares a timeless message that kids CAN do hard things, even when they doubt themselves. And here’s a little secret - it helps adults too! Share the gift of self-confidence (even in the face of huge upheaval) with your whole family. 

Cami, Wyatt and Kindness Too

By Stacy C. Bauer

Follow Cami and Wyatt Kangaroo in this powerful children's book that focuses on the most important thing we can teach our children: how to be kind and compassionate to others.

From baking cookies for the neighbors to saying hi to the bus driver, this book shows that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted!

Perfect Ninja

By Mary Nhin

Perfect Ninja must do things perfectly. When his own expectations aren't met, he becomes frustrated and ends up breaking down crying, screaming, or giving up. But everything changes one day when a friend shows him that mistakes and failures are the best teachers to help us learn and grow.

A Little Spot of Confidence

By Diane Alber

Confidence plays an important role in a child’s future happiness, health, and success. Confident children are better equipped to deal with peer pressure, challenges and negative emotions. A little SPOT of Confidence is a story that uses an orange spot to help a child visual there confidence spot growing or shrinking. It shows child real-world situations on how they can grow their confidence SPOT.

Super Max and the Math Menace

By Heather E. Robyn

It was a regular school day for the students of Room 23, until the math menace arrived disguised as a surprise test ready to ruin the day! Anxiety grips Max's friends and chaos ensues because they feel unprepared to pass this test.  But, Max has a little secret up her sleeve...she's super! Super Max helps her friends overcome their test anxiety and take down the math menace one problem at a time.

Kind Katie

By Lauren Cardoso

“Kind Katie” teaches kids how to problem solve, cope with their feelings, and work through their nerves. Join Katie on her magical journey to discover that kindness is contagious. See how this discovery helps her make friends on her first day of school.  "Kind Katie" will show you why kindness is the superpower every child needs!

Being Calm: Flutterpie's Yoga Adventures and Mindful Mantras

By Navish Kaur Khera

Squeaky needs help when she's bullied, so Flutterpie helps her out! Using yoga, she learns to stay calm and be more assertive.

What to do When You’re Feeling Blue

By Andi Cann

Sadness happens. Let’s help kids cope with it.

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Happy reading!

Misty Black

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