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Calling All Animal Lovers

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Do you have an animal lover at home? We know being cooped up inside can be "ruff," so we have some "purrrfect" books to brighten your day.

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Goldy the Puppy and the Missing Socks

By Kim Ann  

In Goldy the Puppy and the Missing Socks, a boy is determined to figure out what happens to all the socks in their house. They disappear from the hamper, from the bedside, from anywhere and everywhere! Is there a sock monster afoot?

The Little Lost Fishing Cat 

By Nadishka Aloysius 

Felena lives happily with her adopted family. However, they abandon her in a forested area when they realize it is illegal to rear endangered animals as pets. Felena has to use her wits to survive. Will she learn to forage for food on her own? Or will she fall prey to a hungry monitor lizard? Will she find a new home?

This book also includes Revision Questions and Fun Facts and through the entertaining story will educate children about wildlife conservation efforts in Sri Lanka.

The Pari and Kayal Adventures - Saved by Sid (An Inspiring Tale about Sisterhood, the Power of Kindness and Celebrating Friendship)   

By Maya Sara Karthik

This is an inspiring and entertaining tale that teaches kids about siblings’ love, the power of kindness and friendship, and the importance of not judging people or situations instantly.

The loving sisters, Pari and Kayal, are unaware that they are going to embark on their first-ever adventure. They go camping with their parents to a beautiful campsite surrounded by a lush green forest. As they walk through the forest, they hear a lovely voice whistling softly. They are very curious and immediately start following the voice but land in loads of trouble. Whose voice was it? How do they get out of trouble? Do they get to learn some important life lessons? Read on to find out.

Eddie The World’s Greatest Creature 

By Kayleigh Mackie

A fun and imaginative book! A young boy wishes to become the greatest creature there could be with special features of a variety of animals. 

Follow Eddie swooping and looping, stumbling and tumbling, and splashing and dashing as he attempts to become the world’s greatest creature. Can Eddie be the greatest? Who does he choose to be in the end?

The Different Little Lion 

By CM Healy

One little lion's quest for self-acceptance begins after teasing and bullying leave him ashamed of who he is. But what this little lion finds out is that trying to change for others does't change anything--but being happy with who you are changes everything.

In helping children learn about differences, and how to treat others who are not like them, this poem hopes to help children discover where true happiness comes from.

Miss Ellie’s Day at the Beach

By Alana Larson Evans

Miss Ellie is a little elephant that has dreamed for so long about her trip to the beach. She does all the activities that she couldn’t wait to do and more! She also finds out that the sand tickles her nose, the crabs pinch and at the end of the day she doesn’t want to go home. 

This is fun, easy to read picture book for young children with cute illustrations that will endear them to the characters and one that they will come back to over and over again. 

Cami, Wyatt and Kindness Too: A children's activity book about compassion (Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too) By Stacy C. Bauer

Follow Cami and Wyatt Kangaroo in this powerful children's book that focuses on the most important thing we can teach our children: how to be kind and compassionate to others.

From baking cookies for the neighbors to saying hi to the bus driver, this book shows that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted!

Sandy the Service Dog: Lost in a Hurricane  

By Michelle M Deyarmin

A hurricane is days away from hitting the shores of Florida. A service dog named Sandy, her owner Shelby, and their family must prepare for the storm that will soon change their lives forever. When the hurricane hits, Sandy is swept away by the current. Will Sandy ever make it back to her family? Will she ever see Shelby again?With the help of a few pals she meets along the way, Sandy must find her way home.

Finding Little Doggins: Animalsville  

By Virtuous Nyamesem Cornwall

Little Doggins loves school but one day something happens.  He went to school, but when the school bell rang, Little Doggins was nowhere to be found.

This amazing children’s book takes place in a small town called Animalsville where different families lived. Let's see what happens next.  Will Little Doggins ever be found? 

Little Doggins is an adventurous, educational story about the importance of learning about the town you live in and effective communication.

I’m Basically a Unicorn  

By Melanie Hawkins

This book is a celebration of what makes us all unique and special. From unique traits that make us look or just feel a bit different, to different abilities-this book can help us realize that no matter our abilities, strengths or weaknesses, each of us is precious, rare, and beautiful. 

This book can open dialogue about uniqueness, inclusion, and even some hard things that many children are dealing with. such as being in a wheelchair, autism or ADHD/ADD, limb differences, Vitiligo, cancer, diabetes, Down syndrome, blindness, etc, but does it in such a way that it puts the focus on the individual, unique child and will help us all to realize that we are all basically unicorns! 

Little Bug and the Noisy New Neighbor  

By Melanie Hawkins

Little Bug likes his nice, quiet, simple life. What will happen when a very noisy, wild new neighbor moves in right next door? Can he learn to get along with such a bug? Or will this new neighbor be more than he can handle? 

This book will introduce children to empathy, inclusion, acceptance, forgiveness, and the power of friendship.

Special bonus book: A Barrel Racer's Dream: A Western Rodeo Adventure for Kids Ages 4-8 (Rocking Horse Rodeo Book 1)

BY M. D. Ford

This is a brand new book I just found out about and had to write about it. It's not in the group link above, so you'll have to grab it here. Do you have a dreamer in your family?  A child who loves adventure?  Horses? Then this is the book for you!

Did you miss this deal? Not to worry. You can get these and thousands of other great books in many different genres with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

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Happy reading!

Misty Black

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