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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

This promotion has ended, but read these and thousands of other books free with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited.


We can't leave home right now, but that doesn't mean we can't go on adventures. Let the reading begin!

Available FREE April 1st and 2nd!

I've teamed up with 12 amazing authors to give away 13 children's books to help beat the boredom. This quarantine has affected us all, and we want to help. All of us became authors to do one thing--make a difference in the lives of children around the world. Reading should be fun and enjoyable. Kids deserve to love reading and we want to be a part of that.

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Unicorns, Magic, and Slime, Oh My!

By Misty Black

Mishaps, mystery, and magic--plus hidden pixies on every page--make for an exciting story your kids won’t want to put down! Ages 3-8


Don’t forget to check out the next book in the Fizzle Fun series: My Mom the Fairy. If you think Sage was excited to get a pet unicorn, wait until she discovers her mom’s magical little secret. Available NOW! https://amzn.to/2QRZBkx

Something’s Eating the Garden

By Pam Fries, Author/Illustrator 

Enjoy beautiful illustrations as a child and their Papa together discover who is REALLY eating the garden. A twist at the end brings laughs to children and adults alike.  Link: https://amzn.to/2wBHQ26 or https://www.pamfries.com

The Merzzlings: The Adventure Begins

By Brittany Plumeri 

Join Noah and Floppy as they embark on a magical mission to explore the merits of kindness on the mystical Island of Mer. Your child will be intrigued by the seamless rhymes and bright illustrations, all while learning a valuable lesson in being nice and following The Golden Rule!


Where Do Elves Go On Vacation?

By Kim Ann

We all know what the elves do in preparation for the holiday season, but where do they go on vacation? With rhythmic rhymes and colorful pictures, this story is sure to encourage imagination and foster a natural sense of curiosity.


Opossum Opposites

By Gina Gallois 

Enjoy a wild new take on opposites from the point of view of an opossum - one of our most common, but least understood backyard animals, with memorable rhymes & cool factoids for kids ages 3-8. 


My Lil’ Ladybug Friend

By Toby A. Williams 

Brooke Lynn’s adventure begins in a hasty search for a ladybug she befriended the day before. Your child will playfully tag along on this quest. Will they find her newfound friend?


Mrs. Hughes is Missing

By Sharon Jones-Scaife

“Oh me! Oh my! Oh boy!” cry the students of Mrs. Hughes’ class when they discover she is missing. With a mean substitute teacher as her replacement, the students decide they must find her. Come along on the search and discover for yourself if the kids ever find their beloved Mrs. Hughes.


The Witch’s Cat

By Sonica Ellis

Little Pepper was no ordinary cat but the blackest cat you’d ever meet.  Pepper finds it really hard to make friends. Is it because of how she looks - the black cat curse?  Or is it because she’s a witch’s cat? Read along to find out more.


If Mom Became an Octopus--APRIL 2nd Only

By CM Healy 

Follow a lazy boy’s wild imagination as he envisions all the different animals his mother could become to make his life easier. An octopus to do all the chores. A cheetah to zip him to school. A fish so she doesn’t even need to sleep! But is this the best solution to his problems?


Link to YouTube Read aloud and worksheet: https://www.authorcmhealy.com/book-worksheets

The Worst Book in the Whole Entire World

By Joey Acker 

Poor Nameless tries to explain to the reader why this book is simply the WORST book in the whole entire world. Will he succeed in his noble quest? Is he part of the reason this book is the worst?? Will it have a happy ending or the worst ending ever???


Join the K.L.U.B. - No Bullying Allowed Activity Book

By April M. Cox Filled with activities with varying levels of difficulty including coloring, mazes, word search, crossword puzzles, matching, drawing, journaling and more.  Opens the door for family discussions on the important topic of bullying.


Mum, Where is your Hair? ( also Mom, Where is your Hair?)

By Alicia Gleeson-Cherneski

Go on a fun and imaginative journey to search here, there, and everywhere for hair. A full rhyming story which will have the audience reading along and positively helping to change society's view about hair loss. 

US https://amzn.to/39t84ku

My Sister’s Super Skills

By Lauren Mosback, MA, LPC

Follow along as sister/brother duo share empowering and useful “Super Skills” to help kids manage emotions and feel happy. Each strategy is linked with a familiar animal and scenario that are easy to remember and fun to act out!  


Babaroo the Alien and the Magic of Healthy Food April 1st Only

By Kate Melton

When Babaroo the alien visits planet Earth for the first time, he feels so hungry that he starts trying everything he sees and gets into trouble! Will he be able to find good food on our planet?


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Happy reading!

Misty Black

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