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4 FREE eBooks in Spanish and one on the way!

Have you ever wanted millions of books at your fingertips to read instantly for FREE?

Try Kindle Unlimited for FREE here!

I wanted to make your January a little brighter by offering 5 of my eBooks for FREE for the next two days.

Get them all at one of these links:

US link

UK link

Canada link

(If you don't want them all, don't worry, you can take them out of your cart once you're on Amazon).

I hope you enjoy them. The paperback and hardcovers are also available for both my new releases in the Con AMOR collection. I've lowered the price of Amor de abuelita for a limited time, so grab it while you can.

Think Valentine's Day gifts (available in Spanish and English)!

Please don't forget to leave reviews. They help so much so I can continue translating my books into Spanish.

Happy reading!

Misty Black

Some affiliate links have been used. I may profit from qualifying purchases.

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