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Here's A Little Kindness To Brighten Up Your Week.

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January 23, 2020 Elizabeth Gerlach

“What a world this would be, if all children were raised to be kind, loving and giving towards one another.”

Just in time for The Great Kindness Challenge next week (January 27-31), I thought it would be a nice post to cull together a few books with messages of friendship, kindness and self-love. With so many instances of local, national and international concerns and violence (I can’t even have my local news on anymore … my kids get anxious!), it’s a nice reminder for our children that kindness matters and that in a world where they can be anything, they should be kind.

Plus, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, who doesn’t want a bit of love and peace on our minds and in our words. Please enjoy this hand-selected choice of children’s books by fellow Indie Authors – any (or all) of them would be a wonderful addition to your home bookshelf.  

You Taught Me Love by Misty Black

Released just in time for Valentine’s Day, You Taught Me Love is a sweet ‘competition’ between a mother and daughter of who loves the other more. Children learn how to love and how to be loved from their parents. This is a sweet book that highlights the deep, never-ending love between a mother and daughter. Available on Amazon.

Kindness Gets a Thumbs-Up! by Brenda Li

Another super cute Summer and Muu book! Kindness books are very ‘in’ right now and this just released one is a cute addition to lineup. It’s a great yet simple way to show how being kind can come full circle. A child can easily turn their day around by spreading kindness around them. I especially liked the idea of the Emotion Bubbles. Read the book to check it out. Available on Amazon.

My Love For You Will Carry You Through by Andi Cann

This is a such a sweet book about a mother’s love for a child. Written as a beautiful love letter to her daughter, it easily flows from birth to adulthood and expresses how through every lesson, success and all the ups and downs in life, mom will be there every step of the way. A mother’s love is eternal, pwerful and healing. Paired with simple and appealing illustrations. Available on Amazon.

I Like Me, I Love Me by Abby Zatley

This is a super simple introduction into what it means to love oneself. It’s important to instill confidence early on in young children, letting them know that self-acceptance and self-love is possible and important. Kids can have some serious self-doubt. What are ways that we as parents can counteract that and build them up? Simple rhyming text is paired with muted watercolor illustrations. Available on Amazon.

One Heart by Tara Drouin

One Heart is a sweet and touching lyrical book that shares how despite everyone’s differences, we all have ‘one heart’. People are diverse, but it’s important to love and accept EVERYONE. The book comes with a catchy song and music video which really gives the message power. Kids will tune in and remember the important powerful verses. Available on Amazon.

Video and Song on youtube.

What Will You Write on My Wall Today? By Eve Garner

Definitely a good conversation starter for families to discuss kindness and how our words can ripple through those around us, impacting our friends and loved ones. It also talks about how it’s important to love ourselves – we shouldn’t let what others may say about us/to us direct our personal view. The artwork is bright and cheerful and will keep young childrens’ attention. Remember that Kindness is Contagious. Available on Amazon.

I hope these books make you smile as they did for me. Enjoy the winter with your kiddos. And remember, that kindness is contagious. I have signed my family for the Great Kindness Challenge beginning next week and you should as well. Check it out here!

And if you’re curious about the Ben’s Adventures books, click around the site here or visit on Amazon. Inspired by my son, who lived with Cerebral Palsy. In the books, Ben shows that all children are capable of friendship, adventure and happiness. #bekind #justsayhi

Thanks for reading, and be well.


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