Book one in the Fizzle Fun Series

For the love of slime!

Pixies, a barking unicorn, and magic abound. 

Sage adores slime. When her mom suggests she make a food-based slime, it’s experiment time in the kitchen! But unexpected things start to happen when Sage finds fantastic Fizzle Flakes.

What happens when Sage's amazing slime goes missing? Why does Sage suddenly have a unicorn, and where did it come from? Are the pixies causing the chaos?

Find out NOW! Mishaps, mystery, and magic--plus hidden pixies on every page--make for an exciting story your kids won’t want to put down!       Affiliate links used

Reviewed By Amy Raines for Readers' Favorite--5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I absolutely love and recommend this book for kids of all ages and cannot wait to see what other fun stories will follow in the Fizzle Fun Series. My favorite thing in this story is how Black has woven a valuable life lesson into the plot about how important it is that kids try and try again, no matter how many times they fail, because once they succeed, the results can be magical."

If you think Sage was excited to get a pet unicorn, wait until she discovers her mom's magical little secret. 

When Sage’s dog, Daisy, spills Fizzle Flakes on herself and turns into a unicorn, Sage is extremely excited. But her mom is worried…

The Fizzle Flakes are now gone, but Sage's mom needs the them to become tiny and get wings. She reveals to Sage that she’s a part-time tooth fairy and needs the flakes very soon. They embark on an amazing adventure to Fizzle Valley to get more flakes, but the mischievous pixies will do everything in their power to stop them. 

For ages 4-8, preschool to 2nd grade. This story is a great transition from picture books to chapter books as it gets children interested in storyline, plot, conflict, and resolution.

My Mom the Fairy, Book 2 in the Fizzle Fun series, is full of fun and adventure. It’s a stand alone book in the series because it begins with a great summary of book 1, Unicorns, Magic, and Slime, Oh My! 

What exactly are Fizzle Flakes and why are they magical? Will Sage and her mom be able to outsmart the pixies and get more Fizzle Flakes, or will the pixies prevail? 

Find out Now! Join Sage, her unicorn Daisy, and her mom the fairy on the quest of a lifetime to help her mom save the fairy dreams of children all over town.

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