Misty Black is a children's author, a loving wife, a caring mother, a decent cook, and a terrible singer—who loves to belt out songs at the top of her lungs to annoy her teenagers.


She is an 11x best-selling author of 22 children's books and is currently working on 117 more, but who's counting.


Misty is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and board game enthusiast. Her degree in business, coupled with her mad Monopoly skills, have helped her sell over 85,000 copies of her books in 2.5 years.

Can Quilliam Learn to Control His Temper, Bubble Head, It’s Time for Bed, and Grandmas Are for Love are among her best sellers. 

You can read more about Misty on her website at or follow her on Instagram @mistyblackauthor.

"Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks."

— Dr. Seuss

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